Short Biography

Jade Goody was born on in the month of June 5, 1981, in the town of Bermondsey, London. The parents have an on-off relationship where they split for good when...
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The moment when Jade Goody when in the house of Big Brother in 2002, her own life changed forever.

When she began to on the national TV, she secured a place as an unofficial winner of a third series of the Big Brother, and she became much famous in the UK through the reality TV star. The glamour and glitz of Jade’s rapid fame were the long cries from a real-life drama of an estate where she starts began — brought up in the run-down part of the city of Bermondsey, the country of South London, considerate for her mum who was disabled and with a dad who used to be in and out from the prison.


She experienced much when she commenced secondary school than many people usually do in their lifetime. But she always lives with her life with the incredible spirit which endeared her...
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